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August 14, 2011

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Chapter one

The last place Alexander Maddox wanted to be on a Friday night was in a crowded bakery. But before he could get on enjoying his night, there was business to see to.

“Excuse me,” he stopped a waitress as she rushed past him “Could you tell me where Amira Rogers is?” Alex asked.

“I believe she is in the back” the waitress rushed off into the crowd.

Frowning Alex took a seat and waited for Ms.Rogers to appear. And if there is one thing Alex was short of was patience. But Ms.Rogers brother owed him money. And he wanted every cent back.

Maddox Corp didn’t become what it was by allowing its employees to steal from them. The fact that it had taken as long as it had to find out there was money missing was a sore spot for Alex.

He liked to believe he was a just employer that helped his employees through whatever problems they had. After all an employee distracted by personal problems, was not focused on Maddox Corp business. And that was not acceptable.

“Hello, is there anything I can get you?” A sultry voice invaded his thoughts. Turning around Alex’s mouth almost dropped open. The woman before him was perfect, well as perfect as a woman could get. She stood about three inches shorter then Alex. Shoulder length red hair that framed her heart shaped face. And almond shaped apple green eyes.

“Yes, are you Amira Rogers?”

The beauty nodded confusion etched on her face “I’m sorry but I don’t know you”

Alex’s mouth tightened “well your brother does”

Her eyes widened and looked around the crowded bakery “Please come with me” Amira turned, giving him a view that was almost as nice as the front and walked to her office in back of the bakery “Have a seat. Would you care for some coffee?”

“Ms. Rogers I’m not here on a social visit” he responded coldly “I’m here to discuss your brother, Raymond”

Amira sat down heavily “w-what did he do now?” It seemed like lately all she did was rescue Ray from one jam or another. And frankly she was getting tired of it.

“He stole a quarter million dollars from my company” Alex stated coldly watching her reaction.

“A-a q-quarter million dollars! But that’s impossible!” Amira jumped to her feet “Ray would never steal anything” her green blazed bright with anger

Alex raised an eyebrow “I have proof that it was him and will gladly show it to you Ms. Rogers”

“Fine, you do that but until then, I would like for you to leave my store”

Alex stood a dark brow rose “You’re store? I was led to believe that this was Raymond’s business”

Amira snorted “Ray wouldn’t know cheesecake from a donut”

“I’ll be back later this week with the proof you need that your brother is a thief and a liar” Turning on his expensive heels and storming out

Once he left Amira dropped into a chair and put her head in her hands. Not again! Why can’t ray learn to keep his hands off of other peoples money? Now once again I’m stuck fixing his mess.

The first time he had been accused of stealing had been right after their parents had died in a plane crash. His boss had come to her expecting to be paid or Ray would go to jail. So Amira had done the only thing she could to save her brother, she had paid the company all the money back from her parents life insurance. And had pushed opening her bakery back two years.

And now it was happening again. And of course she couldn’t let her brother go to prison for embezzlement. But what could she do? Selling her business was a last option and there was no way she could come up with a quarter million dollars.

Reaching for the phone Amira dialed Ray’s number he had a few questions to answer. But she didn’t get a chance to ask anything because Ray didn’t answer his phone, or his mobile. Slamming the phone down she stood and took a calming breath. She would find a way to get Mr. Maddox his money. But she couldn’t sell Sinful Delights.

Not even for her brother.

Taking a calming breath to settle her nerves she pasted a smile on her face, and opened the office door. I’ll worry about Ray later. She thought now it’s back to work.



Working hard July 16, 2011

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Sorry I’ve been so busy writing that I’ve neglected

to blog all my lovely adventures in writing. Which has really been eventful to say the least. Like the time my hubby did something to make the darn the computer shut off. And made me lose two chapters smh. Or the time my youngest demon, decided he wanted to rite and added various extra letters through out the whole manuscript. You can just imagine the fun I had going through and erase all the mistakes.

Well now that I’ve updated, I’m going back to writing.


Welcome May 18, 2011

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Hey just wanted to say thanks for stopping by 🙂 My name is luscious writer and I am pleased to have caught notice.

I am an amateur writer who is just in the infancy stages of becoming a writer (rolls the r’s like she was taught). But I have great faith in myself and my abilities to get published. From time to time I will post scenes from what I am working on and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, just try not to be mean, because then I get mean.

Once again Welcome and I hope you continue to come back 🙂


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